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Shakespeare In Love with Queen Elizabeth

"Shakespeare In Love" dominated the Oscars in 1998 bringing home seven academy awards including best picture. At Consumnes River College, a film professor argued to his class that "Saving Private Ryan" should have won the award. The whole class, which I attended, obediently agreed. Only after studying Renaissance literature, I realize our mistake. "Shakespeare In Love" accurately portrays Renaissance England and the birth of English drama, which is the ancestor of American motion picture. Its combination of screenplay and acting accurately portrays the important figures surrounding young Elizabethan drama. However, despite representations of Will Shakespeare, Kit Marlowe, and Ned Allen, perhaps
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Furthermore, Viola symbolizes the Queen’s courage simply by standing up to the Queen in argument.

Due to Viola’s early-established courage and talent, she successfully plays the role of "Romeo." This element of the film further links Viola to the Queen, for Queen Elizabeth successfully plays a lifetime role as the male monarch. It’s noted that "In the course of her reign, England became a nation to rival France and Spain; England’s cities became centers of commerce, her navy controlled the principal routes of trade, and her people pursued lucrative interests in Europe and the New World." (Jordan 1021) So, their accomplishment of successfully portraying the dominant male role further links the factual Queen to the fictionalized Viola.

Queen Elizabeth and the character Viola also share the misfortune of experiencing tragic love. Whereas Viola is forced to end her affair with Shakespeare due to their corresponding class distinction, the Queen too was forced to end her affair with her love, Duke d’Alencon, due to her status as monarch. She previously promised this course of action in her speech, "On Marriage." Regarding her love life, she states, "I will never in that matter
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