Shakespeare Report : A Biography Of William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Report

William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He was the third of eight children in the Shakespeare family. His parents were Mary Arden and John Shakespeare. He attended the Stratford grammar school at the age of seven and attended the Holy Trinity parish church. At the age of 18, Shakespeare married 26-year-old Anne Hathaway. They had three children; Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. Historians are unsure about when Shakespeare began his playwriting, but some think he began his upstart form 1585-1592. This period was known as the “lost years” because no one knew what he was doing during this period. He traveled to London before 1592 to begin his early career in theatre. He began his career as a sharer for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. The theatre unfortunately shut down and Shakespeare needed money. This is when he turned to writing poems. During this time, Shakespeare wrote the poem Venus and Adonis, which was the first work of his that was published. Theatres reopened and returned to acting and playwriting. His popularity grew rapidly during the 1590’s. He became heavily involved in the world of theatre from 1594-1608. During this successful period, he was rated London’s most popular playwright. This was based on the amount of times his plays were performed and published. During the late 1590’s, Shakespeare became wealthy and was an established writer. He continued to act and even rented the Globe Theatre for performances. In his last eight years of living, Shakespeare was only able to produce three plays by himself and three more with help from John Fletcher and other English dramatists. He divided his time between His hometown, Stratford and London. Shakespeare spent time in London until 1604 and 1611. He finally went home for his daughter’s wedding and his mother;s death. By 1612, he was declared England’s most successful playwright. He stayed in Stratford for the remaining years he was alive. Shakespeare died on his 52 birthday in his hometown.
William Shakespeare had written many plays, poems, and sonnets in his lifetime. Shakespeare wrote a total of 36 plays, five long poems, and 154 sonnets. He was a writer for about 21 years, from 1592-1613. Historians
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