How Does Shakespeare Present Love

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How does the poet present love?
Many poets through history have written about love, this essay will examine how love is presented in 2 poems.
In 16 century William Shakespeare wrote Sonnet 130(1564-1616) sonnet 130 is one of Shakespeare’s most famous conventional and traditional love sonnets. He wrote a series of love poems to a woman named Laura. The scholars imagined the poem as "The Dark Lady." This poem is a love poem, the first 12 lines are described about her hair, the colour of her skin being negative, then on the last 2 lines he admire he loves her no matter how she looks.
When we talk about “love” poem, the first thing come up from your mind is something like cajolery you'd find in a Valentine's Day card. Old love poems bring
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The reader may think that this poem is not a love poem, because from the beginning till the last lines Shakespeare shows a negative side of that woman. However in the last two lines. Shakespeare mad a huge different of what he said before. Shakespeare says that even though his love isn’t what other people fictionalize in their poems and sonnets, his love is rare and therefore just as important. He refuses to glorify, but that doesn’t mean he loves the woman any less. And perhaps his honesty was more appreciated anyway.
Both poem sonnet 130 and give present love. Whilst “Give” present a negative throughout the way, in Give the main techniques is anaphora and metaphor for unrealistic gifts, the woman that Carol Ann Duffy love is too demanding.“Sonnet 130” appears negative but has a twist in the last 2 lines, Shakespeare uses smiles where the negative aspects also the imagery shows unconventionally beautiful woman.
“Give” is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy, poet laureate in 2007, it is concerned with Carol Ann Duffy giving expression of love to her girlfriend who appears to be testing to see how dedicated she is.
Duffy uses many techniques to explain what love means to her one of these is anaphora repetition for effect to suggest that love is one sided. The title and the first line of each stanza written by Carol Ann Duffy say “Give” this shows a social context “Metaphor” comparison to help the reader visualise the meaning.

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