Shakespeare Was A Playwright That Emphasized Tragedy, Love

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Shakespeare was a playwright that emphasized tragedy, love and deceit. Similarities between Shakespeare and Sigmund Freud’s theories are profoundly similar. Much of Freud’s theories are based upon repressed memories, the unconscious mind and psycho-sexual stages of development. These theories remain controversial from first introduction of his ideologies to current time, (Mitchell, Black, 2016). Freud, much like Shakespeare, was not afraid to shy away from taboo subjects and tragic endings. Shakespeare demonstrates several examples ranging from Freud’s various defense mechanisms such as the unconscious transference of certain feelings, attitudes or impulses from their subconscious onto another individual, or the projection of their…show more content…
(Mitchell, 2016) The id level of basic human personality holds forbidden and hedonistic thoughts and desires. The superego is a level within our personality, according to Freud that is present within us from within the first five years of life. The superego is on the absolute opposite end of the spectrum from the id. The superego holds the personality’s morals and conscience, keeping the individual from conducting any immoral act. It provides us with feelings of guilt and pride, keeping us continually wanting to maintain a high level of morality. However, the superego is unrealistic without balance. It is highly critical and ethical and is derived from parental morals during the informative years of learning between right and wrong. (Mitchell, 2016) During Act I, Scene II, Cassius has brought to Brutus’s attention that he has not been acting like himself, “Brutus, I do observe you now of late, I have not from your eyes that gentleness and show of love as I wont to have”. Cassius however is manipulating Brutus for his own selfish agenda to join in their group to execute Julius Caesar. This manipulation is also a theory of Freud’s in the belief that instinctual drives will force human behavior, (Held, Lisa,2009). Cassius’s desire to get rid of Caesar had been the driving force in his manipulative intentions towards Brutus. Brutus self-reflects during this scene as he is aware that he is not feeling like himself, “Merely upon

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