Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Hamlet And Ophelia

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Hamlet and Ophelia The play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare is the perfect example of how love can not always conquer all. Hamlet may be regarded as one of Shakespeare 's greatest plays. This play follows the story of a young prince named Hamlet who lost his father and had his family torn apart by the hands of his Uncle, Claudius who is now king and step father to Hamlet. Subsequently, Hamlet was also having relational problems with his love, Ophelia. The relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia remained unsteady for the duration of the play. In the play, William Shakespeare intelligibly presents the interaction between Hamlet and Ophelia, showing how this relationship would eventually drive Ophelia and Hamlet to their graves. At the beginning of the play, the audience is introduced to the couple Hamlet and Ophelia. At the start, Hamlet and Ophelia are young and in love with a bright future ahead of them. Hamlet is a prince who will eventually rule Denmark. Provided that Ophelia is his bride, her family will become of the most noble in the country. In the first act of the play, Hamlet is depressed due to the loss of his father. During this trying time, when Hamlet needs Ophelia the most, her father, Polonius, steps in and orders Ophelia to no longer see Hamlet. Polonius believes that hamlet is leading Ophelia on. Daniel Shapiro explains, “Ophelia, wittingly or not, is part of the conspiracy. Hamlet, like his father, has been betrayed by the woman he loves” (Shapiro 1).
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