Shakespeare 's Influence On The Renaissance

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The renaissance was both affected by and had affects on the art of its time and later on. Whether this art be in the form of paintings or literature it clearly shows today how the renaissance had taken time to affect everything around it. While some pieces of art from this time period are as simple as a piece of canvas and some color in the form of pigment, they have stood the test of time and held up not only as beautiful images for us to see, but also as devices to give us a window into the minds of those long past. This is exactly the kind of thing done today when looking at artwork such as the “Mona Lisa” or even more so when reading one of the many pieces of Shakespearian literature, Macbeth specifically. Starting with the aftermath of the renaissance, Shakespeare was one of the most ingenious writers of his time and still is today, being able to write play’s that stand their ground centuries later, think of as many writers with that effect as you can and if you reach ten without Shakespeare I’ll applaud you. Not many artists have art that is known as well as Shakespeare and those that do deserve their spots just as Shakespeare himself. Starting with Macbeth as our only needed example on the literature written The time period that the story takes place in is that of the renaissance time period being based in Scotland. The story revolves around a thane who, by the controlling will of his wife, kills his king to take his place and takes the lives of those who could take
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