Shakespeare 's Playwrights And Poetry Empower People

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Shakespeare’s playwrights and poetry empower people to do great things, prove to serve as living textbooks, and also help educate people. It’s important to experience his works, for they are truly inspirational arts that motivate people to do exceptional things and perhaps break a vicious cycle of corruption. There are many children in the world whose families are living below the poverty line and are in need of something to turn to. In the documentary by Laurence Bridges he showed an emotional story about a highschool girl that was only two weeks away from being inducted into a gang. The girl knew that she wanted to do something better, but needed to turn to something; so she took to Shakespeare. Here, within his works, she found herself and didn’t end up joining the gang. She avoided falling back into the cycle of corruption and violence. Weeks later she went onto help others in her class comprehend Shakespeare 's messages. Shakespeare’s poetry and stories allowed the girl to express herself in a way that he never sought to be possible. Shakespeare 's works got her involved with something that she was passionate about, and provided her with an alternative to violence. Shakespeare has been credited for helping people discover the “real” them. For young adults have shared their experiences about being inspired by the stories and were empowered by the stories to do greater things. His writings act as a vehicle that drive people to success and helps to empower them and

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