Shakespeare 's Power Of Love And Silence

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Chandler Caffery
Professor Hasselbach
Introduction to Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s Power of Love and Silence Many of Shakespeare’s plays emphasize silence and the lack of language as an important dramatic feature. Particularly, this is in regards to characterization and the development of the composition’s theme. A character’s lack of words may signify the feeling of an emotion that is outside the limits of human understanding. It may also express that the character experiences a feeling of intimidation or communicates with defiance. Furthermore, the text of comedies and tragedies can display “silence” via the written work in regards to an activity or reaction that is not represented directly, such as the audience being aware of a character’s true identity while the characters within the play face this absence. There are various arguments that focus upon the ambiguity of whether a women’s silence in Shakespeare’s plays reflects passivity or resistance; the following analysis will argue both. The female characters of Shakespeare’s comedic and tragic plays, specifically Twelfth Night and Othello, fall silent at the periods in time when their speech would impair the writer’s effort at bringing attention to the social constructions of the seventeenth century. These moments, which manifest a strategic and vital development, exemplify the most common stereotype of females that is found within Shakespeare’s compositions: all members of this gender-based category should be…
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