Shakespeare 's Sonnets Of William Shakespeare

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Nearly 400 years after his death, the works of William Shakespeare have become well-renowned. One could say that through his work, the subjects of which he wrote and the author himself have become immortalized, receiving acclaim from scholars around the world. One such collection of work that has gained fame and admiration is his sonnets. Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets have received much speculation and criticism over the years regarding their intent and subjects. Although some believe Shakespeare to be the narrator of the sonnets, with the perspective and views reflecting his personal life and feelings, others believe him to have written the sonnets from the invented narrator’s perspective. The subject of the sonnets receives similar speculation, with some critics claiming the male subject of many of the sonnets to be a lover of Shakespeare’s rather than a friend for whom he had great admiration and respect. Shakespeare’s remarkable usage of poetic structure and devices provide readers with a great insight to his true intention of the sonnets, such as that of Sonnet 55. There is great speculation about the subject of Shakespeare’s first 126 sonnets, which are addressed to a “Young Man” or “Friend” ("Overview: 'Sonnet 55 '"). Such as Sonnet 55, many of Shakespeare’s sonnets are believed to be written in his own perspective about a man whom he was greatly attracted to and possibly even loved romantically. However, expressing love to one in Shakespeare 's time may have
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