Shakespeare 's Speech From Much Ado About Nothing

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Sarah McCubbin
Ms. A. Snapp
English 243
21 Nov 2016
Shakespeare 's Speech, From Much Ado About Nothing to Today
It is difficult for one to believe that Shakespeare was alive so many centuries ago, especially when considering the fact that so many details and topics of his writings are still relevant and prone to slandering by the general population. For instance, did you ever wonder who made one of the first "your mother" jokes? It definitely was not a 90 's rapper. After a three-and-a-half thousand year old Babylonian tablet (Vincent), Shakespeare was the next to coin the phrase in one of his perhaps lesser known tales, Titus Andronicus. It is unlikely that too many people realized this on sight, as the humor was buried in an extremely haughty version of English as well as a very heated argument between characters, but the line was indeed said. Shakespeare was like that; he could describe countless scenes with just dialogue, and there was always the possibility of a sudden change of mood. For instance, in his play Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare experiments with the language of his time to create a witty, entertaining atmosphere that exposes the complexities of lies, love, and laughter.
Every Shakespearean piece, whether it be a play or sonnet or poem, has a purpose. Othello was a story of love and jealousy, meant to jerk on the heartstrings; Romeo and Juliet is a tale of forbidden love, used as a sort of warning against passion. As far as sonnets, they are like happy…
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