Shakespeare 's The Tempest - Illusion Of Justice

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Illusion of Justice in The Tempest INTRO.. Thesis:William Shakespeare’s The Tempest portrays an ongoing historical struggle for power through acts of injustice. Antonio alienates Prosperous by isolating him on a island far away from civilization. Prospero explains to Miranda,"By foul play, as thou say 'st, were we heaved thence" (1.2.63). Antonio, Prospero 's brother, used Prospero 's own lack of vigilance against him leading to his exile (Frey). Prospero was distracted from his job as Duke of Milan which made him an easy target for Antonio to overthrow. This act of injustice shows the extent of betrayal one will go to in order to gain power. Antonio went against his brother just to take over the thrown. Antonio 's betrayal led Prospero and Miranda to be cut off from humanity, Miranda being very young at the time cannot remember her life before the island.“ 'Tis far off / And rather like a dream than an assurance” (1.2.44-45). Miranda describes her memory of her old life as a dream. Prospero on the other hand, remembers his old life very well, and the sea that surrounds them serves as a constant reminder and reinforcement of exotic isolation (“Themes in The Tempest”). Isolationism leads Prospero to think up multiple plans for revenge. In exile Prospero had a ton of time to focus on his magic, which was his manifestation of power and control. Prospero 's obsession with magic is the key reason why Antonio was able to overthrow him. Prospero explains how his countless hours

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