Shakespeare 's Theatrical Device : The Benefits Of Mistaken Identity Essay

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Shakespeare’s Theatrical Device: The Benefits of Mistaken Identity Can someone pretend to be another person and come back being the same person as before? In many of William Shakespeare’s plays, the change of identity has been a success for many primary characters. Most notably, in comical plays, female characters have had the intention of changing not only their identity but their gender for a temporary period. The ploy of mistaken identity is a useful plot device that Shakespeare uses because it is a good way to get the audience humoured and have them thinking about when or how will the true identity be revealed. The mode of mistaken identity is a theatrical device that has been around before the Elizabethan era, but in the interest to Shakespeare, the device is more innovative and effective throughout many of his plays. In any manner, the word “identity” is a difficult word to define because there are various ways of comprehending the word when people identify one another. One person can identify themselves in different situations such as being a party animal at nightclubs on Friday nights to being super religious on Sunday mornings at church. In both cases, a person can have a hard time sticking to one identity because it may challenge them to know if they are representing a good reputation towards society. For this reasoning, pretending to be another person is somehow a great way to find out their own self because it makes them realize who they really are after the
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