Shakespeare the Writer

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Shakespeare was a great writer, but there are some questions regarding his work as a play writer. When his plays were not published until after his death, some questions were raised about whether Shakespeare was the one who really wrote them. As an example, “Who else could have written his plays? How could Shakespeare describe certain scenery’s of places in his plays that he had never been to or seen? Was Shakespeare educated enough to write them himself? This research essay will cover some of the questions asked about Shakespeare’s work as a play writer.
The first question about Shakespeare’s work is, Was Shakespeare educated enough to write the plays himself based on his education skill? As published by “Shakespeare’s Education and Childhood”, “Shakespeare began school around the age of six…and finished school around the age thirteen” (para 1-5). Attending school from six to thirteen is not enough time to educate someone good enough to write a play, and especially not enough time to write a world famous play. Picture a six your old starting school in first grade and then finishing school around the age of thirteen in seventh grade, and then they grow up to write a play that is widely known by almost anybody. When writing a play you have to have some type of literary education to write something so phenomenal. According to, “Shakespeare’s Education and Childhood”, “he had to leave school because of his father’s social and economic state” (para 1). Shakespeare had to
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