Shakespeare's Development of Juliet’s Character in Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare's Development of Juliet’s Character in Romeo and Juliet Introduction: Juliet is the heroine of the play and throughout the play we watch her mature from a naïve girl into a young woman. Include historical and social research. Other sources of information: Say how other writers and authors have interpreted the play. Remember to credit them. First scene with her mother: in this scene Juliet is a very submissive character, she sits back and lets the conversation happen around her but does not try to be involved. She only ever answers questions when asked and shows very little opinion. j The pace of this scene is slow and constant; no one enters to liven things up. j…show more content…
j In this scene we can see Juliet has matured by the way that she plays on words. j Juliet uses a stronger tone of voice and the language she uses is much more emotive, for example, “Indeed I shall be satisfied/ With Romeo till I behold him- dead-/ Is my poor heart so for a kinsman vexed.” j The pace of this scene changes because of Juliet’s responses to questions and as her thoughts and feelings progress. This is different from the first scene with her mother because she is in more control and it is Juliet setting the pace .E.g., she completely slows the atmosphere by her reaction to her mother’s news of marrying Paris. Second scene with Romeo: Juliet does not control the pace of this scene at the beginning because she is shocked by Romeo turning up. However later on she is the one doing the practical thinking and is slowing Romeo down. Compared to the first scene with Romeo, Juliet sets the pace and sticks to it. She is thrilled to be in the situation and therefore excels. j In this scene she is a lot more serious than in when they first met, there is little talk of images and she want a vocal contract between them. In this scene Juliet
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