Shakespeare's Greatness: Much Ado About Nothing, and King Lear

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The ability of an author to capture the interest of the audience has and will always be an important factor in the art of storytelling and even the expression of research or related material. When an author is able to seize the attention of any partaking of their work, curiosity will develop which will lead to the wonder of what the conclusion my bring about. Not only is it important to snatch the audience’s attention in the beginning, it is necessary to hold it prisoner throughout the tale. Authors do this by having an interesting plot development in which many unexpected details come into play and the course of the story is thrown from the norm and into the conflict. Shakespeare was a master of this art in the work he produced…show more content…
In Much Ado all kind of side stories and small plots develop as Claudio and Hero fall in love, Don John creates a scheme to cause distress, and Benedick and Beatrice and tricked into love which one another. When a prince and his party stay with Leonato, the father of Hero and uncle to Beatrice, a member of the prince’s group, Claudio, falls deeply in love with Hero and they agree they wish to be married. Don John, the illegitimate brother to the prince wishes to stir trouble, he will have one of his men make love to a maid servant dressed as Hero outside her window and bring Claudio to watch what he believes to be Hero’s betrayal. Before the scheme takes place, the others in the group decide to set Benedick and Beatrice up together though the fein dislike for one another, the simple words staged for them to overhear cause them to fall head over heals for one another. One the day that is to be Claudio and Hero’s wedding, Claudio will disgrace Hero saying she is unfaithful. Her death will then be faked until the truth is revealed and Claudio will agree to marry the cousin of Hero to make up for his disgracing her, Hero will then be revealed to still be alive and the two will have a double wedding alongside Benedick and Beatrice. “‘Do not you love me? ‘ Why no,no more than reason.’ ‘Why then, your uncle and the Prince

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