Shakespeare's Macbeth: Banquo During The Banquet Scene

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During the Banquet scene after Banquo got killed, Macbeth started seeing his ghost. The ghost came and left just like his reality being blurred and focused again. The ghost first appeared when Macbeth was going to sit, he noticed the table was full, but no one else could see it. He then started making a commotion and talking to the ghost of Banquo while the guests became concerned about Macbeth’s health (lines 45-55). Macbeth’s reality blurred as the whole room was disconnected from him. Seeing Banquo in ghost form paranoid Macbeth as he knew he was to blame for Banquo’s murder. I'm sure Macbeth’s guts were churning as well because of the sight of his friends death body. Throught the scene Lady Macbeth jumps in to inform the guest that Macbeth
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