Shakespeare's Novel Macbeth

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What would the world be like if no one felt guilt? If no one ever caught caught for their crimes? In Shakespeare's novel, Macbeth, the main characters commit crimes driven by their ambition. After committing the first crime Macbeth, the main antagonist is overwhelmed with guilt. His wife, Lady Macbeth plotted the first crime and was the main force pushing Macbeth to kill. In the end Macbeth is charged with the truth and Lady Macbeth kills herself both brought down equally from guilt. Guilt and fear of being found out causes anxiety and slow disintegration of the subconscious which leads to psychosis and therefore, because of insanity causes confession of crimes or suicidal thoughts. According to the Medical Health Foundation, anxiety is…show more content…
Guilt, anxiety, and depression can lead to serious health issues like psychosis. Psychosis is when one experiences things and believes them to be real, they have lost their contact with the real world (MacGill). When one looses touch with reality they become unpredictable, not knowing what they are capable of people try to stay away. In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth all fall victim to insomnia, after loosing rash amounts of sleep they begin to loose their grip on reality. Some symptoms of psychosis are delusions, depression, personality changes, suspicion, and suicidal thoughts (MacGill). Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both experience delusions, personality changes, suspicion, and depression. This leads Lady Macbeth to suicide and Macbeth to give away his nicely covered up plans. This causes them both to have personality changes, and others begin to notice. Paranoid delusions cause people with psychosis to experience suspicion of individuals, they believe that others are plotting against them (MacGill). Macbeth shows this attribute multiple times throughout Macbeth. After making himself king he believes that even his close friend, Banquo is plotting against him. He has his friend killed and then grows suspicious of Banquo's son plotting against him as well. Lady Macbeth experiences other symptoms, she has hallucinations and is never sleeping normally. Hallucinations can affect all senses
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