Shakespeare's Techniques in Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Shakespeare's Techniques in Much Ado About Nothing

I am going to describe the techniques used by Shakespeare in 'Much Ado
About Nothing'. I am focusing on language, themes, characters, plots
and sub plots as well as the play as a whole. I will also be focusing
on how the modern day as well as the Elizabethan audience would
respond to this play write.

Shakespeare is known as one of the worlds best play writers, he has
written tragedies, histories, sonnets and comedies. Writing comedies
was by far his best talent of all. He used many techniques in writing
his comedies, which can be seen in many of his other plays. The basic
structure of this play is that love creates conflict in society. In
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If though dost lover Fair Hero, cherish it,

And I will break the news with her, and with her father,

And thou shalt have her: was't not to this end,

That though should began'st to twist so fine a story.'

This is a key point in the play as the main plot is around Claudio and
Hero. Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother, is the villain and he
plans to break apart Hero and Claudio. Don John hates happiness, he
hates it when there is joy or celebration and he always try's to spoil
everyone's fun. His first plan fails, and so he devises an even more
evil plan.

Don John: 'I would rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his
grace, and it better fits my blood to be disdain'd of all, than to
fashion a carriage to rob love from any: in this (though I cannot be
said to be a flattering honest man) it must not be denied but I am a
plain-dealing villain: Imam trusted with a muzzle, and enfranchis'd
with a clog, therefore I have decreed, not to sing in my cage: if I
had my mouth I would…