Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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Scene 1 Quote Analysis VIOLA I’ll do my best To woo your lady—(aside) Yet, a barful strife— Whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife. (1.4.40-42) After Duke Orsino asks Cesario (disguised Viola) to make Olivia love him, although she had stated that she would not marry for seven years due to her sadness from her brother’s death, Cesario tells him “I’ll do my best to woo your lady.” Then Viola tells the audience “(Aside) yet, a barful strife—Whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife,” meaning that she has to convince another woman to love the man she loves. The exchange of words in this scene exemplifies dramatic irony since the reader now knows that a love road that connects Duke Orsino, Viola, and Olivia has formed while Orsino is clueless…show more content…
Since viola is in love with Orsino, she is trying to make him forget about Olivia so he could notice her because sooner or later she would have to reveal her true self to him if she is really in love. The relationship between the three becomes more complex as time passes. Orsino’s addiction to Olivia illustrates a universal truth about life that sometimes when a person loves another, the other person does not show the same feelings. When a person does not love another, it is almost impossible to force that one to generate feelings for the other. Act 3 Quote Analysis OLIVIA Yet come again, for thou perhaps mayst move That heart, which now abhors, to like his love. (3.1.165-166) After Viola goes to Olivia’s palace to give her another love message from Orsino, Olivia says “Yet come again; for thou perhaps mayst move that heart which now abhors to like his love.” At this point, Olivia is seriously in love with Viola disguised as Cesario. She would do anything for Viola to love her back even though Viola explains to her that she cannot be in love. When Olivia says “Yet come again,” she wants to see Viola more often, and in order to try to persuade her to visit more, she lies and says that she might love Orsino. Olivia clearly has no interest in Orsino, yet she would do anything to get feelings back from Cesario. Her lie illustrates a universal truth about life that sometimes people will do anything when they are in love, and that sometimes it
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