Shakespeare's Use Of Supernatural In Macbeth

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Macbeth's: Supernatural There’s different events occurring as the story goes on, which surprises you each time. Macbeth is a fictional story with different events going on as it continues. Macbeth develops the play with the sense of the supernatural and an anxiety that is awakened by its imagery. Macbeth is a man that has done lots of horrible things and for his acts there’s consequences, which his conscious has him in no peace. Macbeth is known for being one of the most straightforward stories of Shakespeare’s that deals a lot with the spiritual kingdom. Which has a lot of supernatural ideas/scenes in most of the whole story. It includes witches, ghosts, and things that aren’t present in the moment. It has a point of Christianity and the force of evil witchcraft all throughout the play. Therefore, the witches are contact by Macbeth to do evil stuff on people he knows that know of his dirty work. As he first started calling them he said,” Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts…. Whatever in your…show more content…
As it says “Macbeth for shaking, and the power above, put on their instruments.” All of this demonstrates that Edward, who appears at the point where the dramatic tide turns, this structure as well as the theme of this play balance him against Macbeth. He is no warrior king, but an angelic figure blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The king of Scotland is in league with dark powers, while the English king is a saint like servant of god. Which this can be read as an extended poem. This play is a characteristic by an extraordinary density of image, meaning, and symbol. Most of this is from the nature like, Banquo’s identification of the martin with sanctity proves fatally ironic. Lady Macbeth’s preparation for her guests is signaled by a dark calling of the birds of her own the raven is a harsh meaning/and the croaks are the deadly entrance of Duncan’s
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