Shakespere's Hamlet and Humanism Essay

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Hamlet and Humanism
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, demonstrates human nature to be gluttonous, self-involved and merciless. Claudius is determined by his greed to commit murder. Polonius is always watching out for himself, without a care of the expense of anyone that gets in his way. Hamlet ponders only of retaliation from the second he finds out about Claudius murdered his father. Human nature has been several things throughout time, but it has also changed throughout the years. People can be immoral and cruel, but they can also show great empathy and kindness.
Renaissance humanism scholars recognize that “Hamlet contains a vital critique of humanism” (Renaissance) throughout the play. The author, William Shakespeare, was from a period of
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Polonius also acquires his daughter to stop courting Hamlet by ordering her to instead of allowing her to decide for herself. He is looking out for his daughter. The King and Queen were very troubled at Hamlet’s superficial insanity. They tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that discovery of what is hypocritical with Hamlet would be “the supply and profit of our hope “(Hamlet 2.2.24). They are noticeably embittered at his behavior, and Polonius knows this, and tries to use his daughter to demonstrate his notion. When Ophelia approached and pronounced to him her get-together with Hamlet in Act I, Polonius instantaneously brought her to the King. Polonius, performing on his duty to “both God and to gracious king” (Hamlet 2.2.45) took Ophelia to Claudius to understand if he could be any assistance in demanding to find out what is iniquitous with Hamlet. He rapidly tells the King that he will “loose my daughter to him“(Hamlet 2.2.161) and fabricates a premeditated plan to do so. This plan, and Polonius’ role of Ophelia, is all to gratify the Royal Court, and has no space in it for Ophelia’s feelings. Polonius treats his daughter practically like one would use a mare, with his loos of her and organizes it so just to try and get on the respectable side of Claudius and Gertrude.
Polonius signifies the characteristic of human nature that is self-concern. He is continually

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