Shalonda Research Paper

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Shalonda is from place to place, from Neshoba County, to Lauderdale County. She left Lauderdale County for several reasons; the maternal grandmother took pictures to the DHS office of the kids being abused, DHS was looking for her, and for other reasons. Shalonda constantly beats the children with her fist, belt and switches. Branderius has old scars on his body, and the reporter notes for the worker to take his clothes off to view them. Branderius has stated that his mother does not love him, and he is going to leave when he’s older. Shalonda also allow her boyfriend to abuse Branderius. Jakavian has sickle cell ‘real bad’. Shalonda took him to the doctor because is stomach was swollen, but she did not tell them the reason it was swollen.
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