Shalvin Miller Research Paper

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Shannon miller was known as the most decorated American gymnast. Over the time of her thirteen-year career Miller won forty-nine international medals. Miller competed in the Olympics two times, in 1992 and 1996, and won seven medals overall- two gold, two silver, and three bronze. Miller was also a member of the “Magnificent Seven” a women’s gymnastics team that was the first team to win gold in gymnastics for the United States in 1996. Miller is also the first American to win the World Championships for two years straight, in 1993 and 1994. Miller officially retired from her career in 2001, and became an author and a motivational speaker. Shannon Miller was born in Rolla, Missouri on March 10, 1977. She was the second child out of three children. Her Parents are Ron and Claudia Miller. In 1977 the Miller’s moved to Edmond Oklahoma. Miller’s father accepted a job at the University of Central Oklahoma. When Miller visited the doctor her pediatrician noticed that her legs were not growing straight, instead they were turning. An orthopedic surgeon advised that she should wear leg braces for a year. Miller’s parents and doctors were afraid that she wouldn’t be able to learn how to crawl or walk. But gladly she developed like normally.…show more content…
Miller and five other girls passed the accurate tests. The team traveled to Houston, Texas as an award to visit a gymnastics camp hosted by, Bela Karolyi. When Miller turned nine she had an opportunity to travel to the Soviet Union for a gymnastics camp. Miller was very frustrated that she couldn’t complete the difficult moves that other people could do but she was also amused by the other gymnasts that they could accomplish them. Miller craved to become valuable like they
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