Shame Is A Powerful Emotion Which Has Great Influence On Social Behavior

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Shame is a powerful emotion which has great influence on social behaviour (Mcdougall, 2001). Brief synopsis of relevant literature confirms that shame handling and management, also emphasizes the importance of this particular social emotion as it is able to alter interpersonal bonds, it can be destructive and may to lead to farther violent behaviour (Baumeister & Bushman 2014). Additional important reason of managing shame is that it may develop to pathological consequence of major depression or suicide due to the absence of a single concept as a solution of repairing the entire self which is damaged by experiencing shame on a long term (Tangney, Burggraf & Wagner, 1995). This particular feeling might trigger violent outbreak or complete withdrawal or cause anger as a defensive reaction, which aims to neutralise the negative evaluation (Weiner, Tennen & Suls, 2012; Baumeister, Smart & Boden 1996). Relating shame to social conflict theories, Scheff (1999) hypothesized if the shame is recognised, a bond of cohesion and trust can be formed, although shame is frequently unacknowledged. An important aspect of shame management theory developed by Ahmed, Harris, Braithwaite and Braithwaite (2001) suggests who accepts and takes personal responsibility, will be able to avoid delinquency as they have considered the damaging affect of consequences. On the contrary, managing shame through blaming others will enhance misconduct due to personal action and consequences being disconnected

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