Shame, Shame And The Loss

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What is shame and how different people cope with it.
No one knows when shame appeared for a first time. Maybe in ancient times, maybe in 15th century, or perhaps since the dawn of man. The fact, which is known, is that the majority of people experience this feeling at least once in a lifetime. Shame is a strong feeling, which affects not only regular people, but also celebrities. We will see it in the article The Contestant by Daniel Alarcon, where he tells the story of the fame, shame and the loss as a result. Also, in this essay I will show the difference between shame experienced by regular people and celebrities, by analyzing articles from different authors and comparing behavior of stars and people. Shame is a feeling that controls us, scare, and influence human’s behavior. Nothing matters when we talk about the feeling of shame: gender, religion, race, age, social status, fame.
Before talking about different ways people go through shame, I’d like to talk about what shame is. The word shame comes from an old English “sceamu”, Dutch “schamen” and German “scham”, according to the, and means a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. According to the article by Eric Posner called A Terrible Shame: “Shaming is a form of social control. It occurs when a person violates the norms of the community, and other people respond by publicly criticizing, avoiding, or ostracizing him” (2015). In other words,
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