Shameeka Orterson Essay

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Story of Shameeka Patterson

Shameeka Patterson was born May 15, 1980 at the St. John's Episcopal Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. She was born to Leelah Patterson and Andre Flyod they was both in Brooklyn , New York. Shameeka has four siblings one sibling from her mother side Ellatasia, three siblings from her father side Darius, Calamity, and LaPrinca. Shameeka is the oldest from all of her siblings. In 1984 she attended her first elementary school at P.S. 25 Eubie Blake school located in Brooklyn, New York that school was great for her she had did very well always had great grades and perfect attendance. In 1989 Shameeka and her sister Ellatasia both got taken away from their home because their mother had abandoned them with nothing to
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25 and constantly got good grades their grandmother were very proud of the two. In 1994 Shameeka graduated from P.S. 25, later that year she attended Medgar Evers High School located in Brooklyn, New York she really enjoyed it and continued getting she had in P.S. 25 which was great grades but in the middle of the school year and towards the end of high school she was doing bad but she had picked up her great work again. In June of 1996 Shameeka and Ellatasia's grandmother adopted the two because she felt the need to their mother was not around a lot, the grandmother became their legal mother but she still was their grandmother her name was Nancy Riley-Gettys. In school Shameeka use to fool around a lot and never use to do her school work she always had night school for almost subject, she got held back one year Shameeka graduated in 1999 instead of 1998 her actual graduation year. Later in 1999 she attended her first college John Jay College of Criminal Justice located in Manhattan, New York she only went for two months then she dropped out the reason because she was not ready. Januray 27, 2000 she gave birth to her first daughter Aliya Lyons everyone was excited so was Aliya's father Anton Lyons it was his first girl he went all out

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