Shamshi-Adad Analysis

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evem el1t was short -lived . On his dea th Shamshi·Adad's klngdo m was dlvid · ed betwe en his sons, Isbme -Oag:i.n and Yasmah -Addu . An arc hive of letters discovered in the palace at Mari reveal Yasmah -Addu to have been an imm:mire and lazy ruler and his brother to have been an overconfident one . Xeither could hold their father 's emp ire together. The decline of Shamshl ·Adad's Assyria wa s the opportuni ty for Babylon to assert itself under its sl.Xth and mo st famous Amorlt c king, Hammurabi (r. 1792 -1750 nc). When he became king of Babylon in 1792 Hammurab i was probabl y one of Shamshi-Adad 's ,'aSSals. \Vhile Shamshi-Adad w:is alive Ham- murabi confmed himself mainly to building canals and cemples; his oaly conque sts,
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