Shanghai Case Study

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BUMA2012 Recruitment and selection A selection decision at Empire, Inc. At Empire, Inc., the turnover rate is very high among assembly workers. Supervisors in the production department have indicated to the personnel department that they do not have time to conduct a supervisory interview with the large number of applicants that are processed to fill assembly-line openings. As a result, the personnel department’s employment specialists make the final hiring decisions. The profiles of three applicants are presented below: | |Applicant A |Applicant B |Applicant C | |Years of experience in a |4 |7…show more content…
Training seldom takes more than an hour or two. Most people master the job and achieve an acceptable level of production during the second full day on the job. The tasks involve very little physical or mental effort. The test is valid, but only has a weak relationship between scores and actual performance. 1. What information would you consider irrelevant in the selection profiles above? In my opinion every little question in an employment interview is necessary even if I consider that the work experience column is less important in a job interview because the moment you hire someone, it’s the company duty to familiarize the future employee with his work and his position in the company even if he has or not work experience.( “Everything has a start”) First of all, every little detail is necessary for a job applicant. The interviewer has to select specific questions in order to find the best applicant for the job. The years of experience in the domain are important, if the applicant has serious experience, the time wasted on
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