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INDRODUCTION In this project I intend to analyze the complex case of Shangri-La hotel chain a company mainly situated in the Asia pacific but also in some regions of Europe, North America and Australia. I will explain its business strategy making an external analysis about the macro environment, the industry environment and the competitors. I will then try to find some ways to improve the company’s financial and strategic performance and its contribution to a sustainable competitive environment. To continue I will perform an internal environmental analysis finding the strengths and weaknesses of this organization, prepare and evaluate alternative strategies and decide on the best strategies for achievement. I will generate action plans…show more content…
To end up it has to ensure that its policies are guests forthcoming and remain dedicated to social accountability by achieving a positive input to its environment, colleagues, guests and business associates. External Analysis In Malaysia two Shangri-Las in Penang are involved with river clean-up projects and protecting the habitats of parrots and giant squirrels. Further south on Kota Kinabalu, the Shangri-La 's Rasa Ria Resort maintains a rainforest next to the resort as an orangutan rehabilitation reserve while Shangri-La 's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa is involved in a project to protect dugongs. A recent recipient of Malaysia’s Hibiscus Award for notable achievements in environmental performance, Tanjung Aru is one of 34 Shangri-La hotels and resorts with ISO 14001 certification. Now I will analyze the hotel industry using macro-environmental analysis. My goal is to discuss current political, economical, social and technological climate and how it affects the hotel industry. With this analysis we will be able to evaluate a competitive strategy which we can use in the Shangri La hotels. The hotel industry is majorly influenced with tourism which nowadays has a global meaning. The factors that affect a hotel industry can come from many countries because the customers can be from anywhere in the world and not just from the country where the hotel is situated. What is more depending on how popular the tourist

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