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Case 24Shangri-La Hotels 1. The key element of strategy implemented by Shangri-La Hotel in gaining competitive advantage over its rivals is by offering services that are superior value worth paying more for. Shangri-la uses its signature standard of “Shangri-La Hospitality” in achieving an edge or competitive advantage over rivals in attracting buyers and coping with competitive forces. A company’s competitive strategy deals exclusively with the specific of management’s game plan for competing successfully, its specific effort to please customers, its offensive and defensive moves to counter maneuvers of rivals, its responses to whatever market conditions prevail at the moment, its initiatives to strengthen its market position, and…show more content…
They will learn from the lower position to the top. For example, Shangri-La provide their workers with Career Path and Development which few careers offer as much variety, and as many opportunities for training and advancement, as a career with Shangri-La. Not only that, many workers have travelled and worked all over the world, learning valuable new skills, and making lifelong friends, on the way. And the most of managers at Shangri-La today have progressed rapidly from junior positions. By having career growth programme, people at Shangri-La are encouraged to develop their skills and expand their knowledge continuously. Everyone can take advantage of a wide variety of ongoing courses and seminars and workshops, on management, business, service delivery and leadership, as well as on specific technical skills. Shangri-La invests heavily in training, and offers a variety of programs for all levels, as well as their own training school, the Shangri-La Academy. Their aim is always to keep and reward the very best and each year Shangri-La fill most of the company’s management positions via internal promotions and transfers and, with over 50 projects in development around the world, which the opportunities are endless. Not only that, Shangri-La also provide Core Programs which consists of Certificate in Culinary Arts, Certificates in Food and Beverage Service Operation, Certificate in Front Office Operation and

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