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Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
Identification 4 Past and Current Strategies 4 Problem Identification 4
Analysis and Evaluation 5 External Analysis 5 Key Industry Factors 6 Five Forces Analysis 6 Internal Analysis 8 Financial Analysis 9 SWOT Analysis 9 Corporate and Functional Strategies 11
Alternatives 13 Decision Criteria: 13 Alternatives 13 Alternative 1 – Forming Alliances or Partnerships with International Brands in New Countries 13 Alternative 2 – Expand Culture and Training Programs to Ensure Cultural Compatibility 14 Alternative 3 – Aggressive Marketing Campaign and Staff Recruitment and Retention Program 15
Recommendation and Action Plan 15
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In the short term during their expansion, Shangri-La has to maintain the service quality and standards they have built their name on while in the long term they need to ensure they are translating their Asian service model into the tighter labour markets in the western world.

Analysis and Evaluation

External Analysis

The hotel market is a rapidly growing market. To compete in this market a company needs a strategy predicated on growing faster than the market average so that it can boost its market share and improve its competitive standing compared to rivals. To accomplish this Shangri-La has developed a broad differentiation strategy by setting themselves apart from rivals with their customer service to a broad spectrum of customers.

The company’s strategy does not vary by geographic region. Their signature standard of “Shangri-La Hospitality” is to be maintained during the expansion. They built their brand based on traditional Asian hospitality, providing excellent service and offering customers an unforgettable experience built around five core principles: respect, humility, courtesy, helpfulness, and sincerity. This strategy allows a price premium to be charged and the possibility of

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