Shankar Vedantam's Fairy Tales And Gender Stereotypes

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Today this world has made stereotyping as normal as eating breakfast everyday. I am here to show everyone how horrible stereotyping can be. Whether it’s a cop keeping an eye on a certain person just because of their race or a woman not having the confidence to take a test because she knows someone will receive a better score than she will. These stereotypes need to decease for the better. I truly believe that stereotyping is the worst way to go when judging someone. Stereotyping is not the way to go, here is why. In Shankar Vedantam’s article, “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” he states in paragraph four, “He, Min-Hsuing Huang, found that when black people and white people answered 10 vocabulary questions posed by a white interviewer blacks on average answered 5.49 questions correctly and whites answered 6.33 correctly- a gap typical of the ones found on many standardized tests.”…show more content…
Samara Green’s article, “Fairy Tales and Gender Stereotypes,” tells us that in fairy tales they all have a common trend, that women are weak and vulnerable and only succeed when a man steps into their lives. This is the gender stereotype that is just downright disrespectful. Women don’t need a man in their life to succeed, some women are stronger than men and this world needs understand that. In the same article in paragraph one she states, “Take Twilight, for example, a great example of a 21st century teenage girl-crazed phenomenon. Twilight represents the idea of a girls dependency on strong capable men. Bella, the main character, is a weak and clumsy human, which requires her vampire boyfriend Edward and werewolf friend Jacob to constantly come to her rescue. This is a great example of pointing out the gender stereotype. This stereotype can devastate women by them living up to that stereotype. As you can see, the gender stereotype is very dangerous to
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