Shao Kahn Research Paper

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millions of years ago shinnok, one of the elder gods, invaded the Earth Realm. However, Raiden and the elder gods managed to put an end to Shinnok’s schemes and locked him away in the Netherrealm. But other followed in his footsteps like emperor Shao kahn. Raiden asked the elder gods to enact a Mortal Kombat tournament that pinned Raiden’s finest against Shao Kahn’s warriors. Shao Kahn lost the battle but violated the rules of Mortal Kombat when he invaded Earth Realm. Most of Earth’s protectors were slaughtered and turned into Shao Kahn’s undead warriors. Once again Shao Kahn failed but no one knew that his invasion was a part of Shinnok’s plan to escape and continue his war against the elder gods
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