Shaping My Identity

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In one’s life, there are many core memories that make up who a person is and many life changing events or people that help shape your identity. At the time, one might not realize how much someone changed their life, or how an event completely changed them as a person, but in the end, one will be truly grateful for the events and people who helped them become who they are; just as I am. The day I met my best friend changed a lot of aspects of my life and helped shape my identity. We met at basketball practice over Thanksgiving break this past year, and we had never talked before because I was scared that I would not be funny enough or she would think I was not popular enough. Then, one day we were in the middle of a drill and I decided step…show more content…
At the very moment of our meeting, nothing about me changed. As time as progressed however, I can see the impact she has left on my life. I now know that I have strength that only she could bring out in me. Before I met her, I did not think I was capable of making it through a bad day or not letting what people say about me bother me. She reminds me everyday of the strength I have and that has made me more confident. This has shaped my indentity because I am now stronger than I ever would have been without meeting her. Also, I know the capabilities I have that can inspire others. I never used to reach out to people in need and offer help and my advice. Now, I realized that I am truly capable of helping others, and it is now part of my daily life to help anyone I can. These things that she helped me realize have left a lasting impact on my identity. I now know that I am strong and can have confidence, I would not have realized those things if I had never met her. I also know that part of my identity is helping others onto the path of success, and that is something that I will not stop doing because it is now who I am. These new found pieces of me that help shape my identity would not have been impressed into my life without the moment I met my best friend. At first I did not realize how much she helped change and shape me, but now I see and am truly grateful for the impact she has had on my new
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