Shaping Society's Culture and Hierarchy

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In today's society and in the past, economic status, level of education and social class rankings always played a role in the amount of power/authority and privilege a person have in the society. With that being said, sexism and racism are often used to promote one form of power as being the only legitimate one. Racism is one of the factors that played a role in shaping a hierarchy with Whites at the top and people of colour at the bottom. With racism, White Supremacy is often found embedded into the society's culture. White Supremacy can be defined as a system for white people to exploit and oppress in order to obtain power and privilege over others. (Martinez) In the book, "Feminist Theory from Margin to Center", Bell Hooks illustrates how in today's society, people of colour often work under the authority of a white person. (Hooks pg.50) This is because in the past, these people of colour have experienced how white supremacists group practiced their power with the use of oppression. The Holocaust that happened during World War II is one of the many examples in the past where the notion of white supremacy was evident. Genocides often come into play when a group of people believe that one race is better than the rest and that the other race should be eliminated. With the holocaust, the Nazi party had oppressed and dehumanized the Jews by stripping away their legal rights. (Talking About Genocide-The Holocaust) In today's society, the existence of white supremacy is still

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