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A Journey to sharahad
Cross Cultural Communications Assignment

I. Executive Summary

When dealing with businesses there are always going to be cultural barriers and obstacles. This is because no two countries are the same and each person is different. Cross cultural communication looks at how people from various backgrounds interact and communicate and this is what this report will cover. It will look at how people from different backgrounds pass information and make negotiations despite the barriers of culture between them. The case study ‘Journey to Sharahad’ displays the cross cultural exchange between the Americans who have just arrived in Sharahad are completely oblivious to the culture and people of Sharahad and what
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This company that was very successful about the marketing and distributing is a computer distributorship in the Sharahad. The Mizar Marketing has staff system that has skill to serve customer. They can serve American computer company even thought they didn’t known American’s culture and speak English.
The culture of differences country is diversity culture. Each country have own culture. And Sharahadan also have special culture that is very different communication patterns and value. They usually use eyes contact and stand very close with the audience. Sharahadans want to made personal relationships before they run business and when they discuss, they talk multiple topics simultaneously.
Mizar which has more competitor in the region, is similar other company in the world. There are Altair Computer and Vega International. But both company sell less computer than Mizar and the time of opening of the Mizar are much than. The number of computer was bought around 50,000 units a year in both companies.
Thus the Mizar Marketing has the ability to sale addition 10,000 units a year. With market in Sharahadan, Mizar is the big company in this region. It has more customers in this market.
Are they committed to high standards of customer satisfaction?
Technical Knowledge - In the IT industry's technical
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