Shared Governance Essay

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The concept of shared governance was introduced late 1970s and begun implemented in nursing organization throughout US. It was proposed to be essential in improving quality patient care, retaining of staff, containing cost. The rate of change affecting the delivery of health services is almost overwhelming. Nursing leaders are struggling to keep up with the demands of a constraining and changing health care system. Shared governance is a management strategy that is used not only in health care organizations but also by/in business, education, politics, and religion. Anyway, this cannot be progresses if the leader of a certain institution does not have the heart to implement this kind of strategy. This needs knowledge, skills, and attitude to all the member of the committee to be put into action.
The study in titled, “Shared Governance and Empowerment in Registered Nurses Working in a Hospital Setting” is important in order to evaluate the effectiveness and their impact on empowerment for the hospital-based nurse. This was conducted to answer the research question of what is the relationship between perception of shared governance and empowerment among nurses who work in a professional governance structure in a hospital setting. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between perceptions of governance and empowerment among nurses working in acute care hospital units in which a shared governance model had been in place. In the literature, it emphasizes
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