Shared Leadership: The Hyde Piper Company Case Analysis

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Shared leadership 1. The context The Hyde Piper is a pipe cleaning and repair company, focused on the provision of these services to corporate customers in Texas, but also in other regions of the country. The operations of the firm allow the employees to travel and meet new people, as well as expand the business operations. Following the logical path for any large size economic agent, the Hyde Piper company has decided to become publicly listed. The company was not necessarily strapped for funds, but perceived the public offering as an opportunity to collect more financial resources and further support its investment and growth strategies. In order to ensure a successful initial public offering, the company has to prepare for the effort on multiple fronts. At this level then, the emphasis falls on the presentation of an alternative to preparing for the IPO, manifested in the push towards shared knowledge and the creation of high-performance work teams. 2. The business problem and its significance The business problem is represented by the need for the Hyde Piper company to prepare for its initial public offering. This endeavor would be completed in a context in which the firm does not depend on the investors' money to continue its operations. Another important challenge of the IPO is represented by the negative economic climate, in which investors are more selective about their capital decisions. Furthermore, the management of the firm is reluctant to

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