Shared Virtual Space Technologies

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Introduction The aim of this paper is focusing on discussion of some relevant topics from ISYS100 course which enables students to learn more about the impacts of information technology on our lives and society. The development and improvement of new technology are continuously to change and improve our lives and some areas of industries in various ways such as education, communication and entertainment. In this paper I explore three types of advanced Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Tele-immersion technologies compare some distinguish characteristics between them as well as some of the ramification of these technologies on current and future life. Virtual Reality This topic was a sub-topic discussed in week 5 of the…show more content…
Augmented Reality According to the University of Southern California (2010), Augmented Reality (AR) is a type of virtual reality which referred to a computer- generated that produces an additional environment to enhance the real-world environment and the real sensory experienced where the participant can see and interact without distinguishing the difference between the real and augmented world. Augmented reality vs. Virtual reality To compare the ‘sense of reality’ experienced by augmented reality and virtual reality participants, Wu (2011) implies that in virtual reality, the participant fully realises the unrealism that they are experiencing with the brain perceiving as if it is a true experience in a virtual world whereas augmented reality, delivers a intermingling of real-world and virtual world experiences which the participant can sense more of reality. Wu (2011) clearly explains the difference between them that: Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. Virtual reality: what you see is virtual. You only see the virtual thing. But augmented reality -- you're still seeing the real world. It just augments some virtual information on top of the real world. So, it gives you actual information but didn't replace the real world you're experiencing. Augmented-Reality technology The importance of adopting augmented reality to improve a
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