Shared Vision Case Study

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In order to create an environment where all members of the school community can strive to achieve a campus vision, a devoted educational leader has to start with the end in mind. That is, to initiate plans and develop a more effective school means that leaders can visualize what the prospective campus can become, and then work towards it. By recognizing where the ultimate goal is in relation to the starting point is crucial in identifying the areas needing improvement. It is also important to ensure the vision is shared amongst students, parents, teachers, the administrative staff, faculty, and the community at large. This can be done based on a set of core beliefs that all parties can dedicate themselves to following. In addition, campus goals…show more content…
They play a prominent role in influencing the culture and organizational climate. In the school environment, it is always beneficial to build healthy relationships and have a good rapport with all personnel. To change belief, leaders have to build trust with the staff, parents, and students, which they can do through their words and deeds. In other words, executing a vision will be much more successful if everyone feels a part of the process and truly believe that their administrator has positive intentions; the priority must be is school improvement. For a shared vision to become established, it is the school’s duty to cultivate and develop that vision within the learning community. To accomplish this, all faculty member needs to develop a collaborative plan that clearly defines the goals and particular strategies to cause change. Decentralized schools are not only more acceptable but valuable too. Before any finalized decisions are made, discussions should begin with prompting all involved. This includes acknowledging what the priorities are, what the targeted results should be, and the groups of individuals the decision will positively affect. Creating visions will involve all members of the school community to continually review and
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