Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective: Holy Grounds Case Study

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Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective: Holy Grounds will find its niche and be competitive in that it is a different kind of coffee house to the norm appealing to a uniquely religious market. It is a coffee house that offers uplifting Christian-based music along with thought provoking lectures that strengthen the mind and spirit of the typical Christian college student. Holy Grounds will also offer organic healthy food choices and by doing so will support local farm growers as well as support the local economy. This will provide further value to the shareholder. In the United States with a population of over 290 million people, only 21,400 coffee houses exist. These numbers leaves opportunity for Holy Grounds within the competitive marketplace of coffee houses. Customer Value Perspective: The customer will gain both nutritious and religious value. He/ she will have quality organic treats whilst being treated to Christian music and motivational speaking opportunities that will be interesting to a diversified Christian denominational population. Events such as lectures and concerts will be presented by regional pastors and top-selling authors as well as regional church ministries and national recording artist on the Christian radio networks. There will be room too for small meetings for various Christian events. Its appliances and technology will be up to-date with the cafe, for instance offering new coffee machines that make mocha iced coffees as thick as a milkshake.

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