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This research will be defining the concept of Sharia law, and the types of crimes that comes under Sharia law and the punishments given for each for them. The analysis will be determining and exploring the differences of Sharia law and English law. The discussion will be based on the possible idea of implementing areas of Sharia law to the English legal system, and the problems that this will cause in the English legal system in reflection to the Human Rights Act 1998.
Sources of Sharia law:
The rules and regulations of Sharia law stems from one source, which is the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the Muslim’s holy book, which contains the words of Allah (God) that were sent to his Prophet Muhammad to deliver to the Muslim Ummah (Muslim
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The idea in the punishments is that it will deter the offenders from committing crimes and that will help in the rehabilitation of the offender.
The last category of crime in Sharia law is Qisas. This is an ancient form of remedying the damages caused to a victim. This can be defined in the light of the statement of “an eye for an eye”. Here the victim can seek his/her rights to reclaim compensation for the damages caused. The idea is that, for example, if someone is killed then the family has the right to seek Qisas punishment from the murderer. The punishments varies, however, the most known punishment is Diya, which is a sum of money paid from the offender to the victim’s siblings. The siblings may also seek to have a public execution or they may also seek to pardon the offender. Crimes that are punishable under the Qisas category are: wilful murder, murder by mistake, causing injury wilfully, and causing injury by mistake.
It must be noted that all the above crimes are regarded as making war against Allah and his Apostle. However, there are certain groups that are held not legally responsible for their crimes, these are: children up to the age of puberty, insane people, people who commit a crime while sleeping.
How does Sharia law differ from English law?
Sharia law differs significantly from

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