Sharing An Emotional Connection Of Empathy

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Sharing an emotional connection.
Empathy is a kind of emotional connection that allowed people to comprehend the feeling of other individuals. Empathy is an essential part of literature because it allows the readers and the characters from the stories to share an emotional connection with one another. As defined in the dictionary empathy is “ the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.” Like in many of the stories we have read so far, as individual we can relate to some of the feelings, thoughts or even experiences that the characters have encountered. The stories that I personally have connections with are: Leaving the Atocha Station, Purity, and You in America.
On many occasions, I couldn’t help, but notice that moral stander as well as, felling sympathy towards others is part of human instinct. Empathy is not something that can be taught in school, but it is naturally felt. Throughout our lives, people are exposed to the values of morality. As we grow up we learn how to sympathy’s with other human beings. To me the strongest building blocks in my ethical basis are many of the challenges that I faced during my childhood. A primary, example that defines why empathy is an essential part of literature is shown in the story leaving the Atocha Station. In this story we notice that the narrator was having a difficult time trying to connect his emotions with others as well as, art. It wasn’t until the last…
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