Sharing Data Across Your Home Network

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Sharing data across your home network is usually a chore for many. Setting up movies, music, and photos to be streamed from a central network location can be impossible without the right technical chops. Even if you possess the technical skills, it can easily consume days of your life. Then, once everything is set up you will find yourself constantly tinkering with the network any time you want to get data or media to a new device. Thankfully, Western Digital has made this task extremely simple by offering an affordable Network Attached Storage solution that includes a media server called WD My Cloud. An Amazing Home NAS Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is essentially a file server that hooks directly to your network. It 's hardware…show more content…
I recently just purchased a 6TB WD My Cloud Mirror for Amazon and I have really enjoyed it. It 's simplified backing up all our movies, music, and photos. Furthermore, it 's easy to turn this device into a media server that can stream to any device on your network. Setting Up WD My Cloud Setting up My Cloud is extremely simple. You simply power the NAS from your wall outlet, and connect the NAS to your home router with an Ethernet cable. Once My Cloud is powered and connected to the network, you simply download an install package on each device you want to use and follow the easy setup guide. You can find the install package at WD My Cloud Learning Center. Simply select "My Cloud" or "My Cloud Mirror" depending on the device you purchased and install the software. If you need help with this there are some great video tutorials on the WD Support Site. My Cloud is ready to go right out of the box. However, there are a few changes to the default settings I recommend making. DLNA Server WD My Cloud is the perfect solution for streaming media to all devices in your house. My Cloud comes with TwonkyMedia DLNA media server already installed. This will allow streaming of music, movies, and TV shows to any DLNA or iTunes compatible device. To turn on the WD My Cloud DLNA server go to "Settings" then "Media in the configuration and turn on "Media
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