Shark Attacks

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Someone at the beach is swimming out in the deeper water, and all of a sudden, a dorsal fin pops out. For everyone on the beach who sees it, music from Jaws starts playing in their heads. The swimmer does not even notice it, and in a few seconds, a great white shark veraciously attacks him. This is what comes to mind when most people think of sharks, but they are not really just man-eating monsters of the sea. Sharks are a fascinating group of fishes that strike fear into the minds of humans, but they are nothing to be afraid of. There are over 475 different species of sharks, but only a few of these are considered to be dangerous to people. These include Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Bull Sharks. Most species of sharks do…show more content…
The more people are educated about sharks, the safer they will be, because they can prevent behaving in ways that might incline sharks to attack them. Also, learning more about sharks will help to remove the violent image of sharks that most people have engrained in their head. Sharks are not anything to be worried about, and they are amazing creatures that greatly contribute to the environment in the
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