Shark Fin Soup : A Significant Part Of The Tradition Of Chinese Food Culture

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Introduction Shark fin soup is a significant part of the tradition of Chinese food culture. Shark fin has been considered as a precious delicacy since the Han Dynasty over 2200 years ago (Spiegel 2001:411). Cheung and Chang (2011:345) explains that shark fin is the symbol of wealth, good fortune, people’s taste and social status in China. “The consumption of luxury seafood in contemporary China is intertwined with broader historical trends” (Fabinyi 2012:83). Shark fin apparently has become a much popular and common luxury dish consumed at banquets in China today (Fabinyi 2012:88). However, as the Chinese economy growth over the last two decades, the consumption rates of shark fin are increasing (Fabinyi and Liu 2014:218). The cruel slaughter by fishermen has imperiled the populations of sharks and violated the rights of animal (Spiegel 2001:409). Many countries have advocated a ban on shark finning (Spiegel 2001:424). Therefore, this paper will describe how shark fin culture is interconnected with consumers and business, and how shark fin culture is impacted under the controversy between conservation and prohibition of the Chinese shark fin business.

Chinese and Shark Fin
There is an inseparable relationship between food, culture and business. Seafood is closely related to southern Chinese cuisine, in particular Cantonese cuisine, which is regarded as one of the “great culinary traditions of China” and mainly found in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Fabinyi and Liu 2014:224).…

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