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Student Handbook BADM 200W~Analysis of Business Issues A Writing in the Disciplines (WID) Course The George Washington University School of Business Fall, 2010 Warren Sharp, PhD Visiting Professor, School of Business Table of Contents Page Introduction 2 Format of the Course 3 Learning Objectives 4 Methods of Communication 4 Critical Thinking 5 Revision and Feedback (Peer Review) 5 Research and Analysis 6 Career Management Strategy 6 Business Terminology 7 Assignments 7 Three Papers 7 Paper 1 8 Paper 2 8 Paper 3 8 Ten Responses 9 Business Letters 9 Memos 9 Corporate Social Responsibility 9 Issues, Reasons and Conclusions 10 Resumes and Cover Letter 10 Quality 10…show more content…
They set the stage for future writing assignments, and will be on a variety of business concepts: functions of management, financial statements, ethics, corporate social responsibility, strategy, quality, case studies, etc. These lectures lay the groundwork for the writing assignments which follow ― in other words, for Writing in the Discipline. The writing labs provide the student an opportunity to hone their skills and develop the tools necessary for coherent writing. As mentioned above, writing labs are conducted by Masters Degree and Ph.D. candidates. They are a combination of lecture, in-class exercises, participation, and Blackboard Learning Modules. The labs afford an opportunity for students to become engaged with the material as they work on format, style, and critical thinking. Attendance and participation is very important, and is a substantial portion of the lab grade. Overall, the writing assignments can be classified as three Papers (approximately four, six, and eight pages respectively), and ten Responses (approximately 500 words each). Details are provided in the Assignments section below. Learning Objectives In addition to the four WID goals mentioned above, there are several objectives that are specific to BABM 2003W, Analysis of Business Issues. Among these are the following. Methods of Communication Analysis of Business Issues is a writing-intensive business class. In this class, we will introduce you to the
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