Shaun Tan

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Shaun Tan Shaun Tan, born in 1974, is an award winning illustrator and author of many well-known children’s books. Tan was born and raised in Fremantle, Western Australia, where as a boy, spent his time writing and illustrating poems and stories. Tan was known at his primary school as very talented artist. Through out high school, Tan continued his passion for illustrating, where he was enrolled in a special art program for gifted students. However, Tan eventually took an academic path into university where he studied studied to become a geneticist before chasing down his dream of working as an artist. Tan picked up his education at the University of Western Australia where he studied fine arts and English Literature and graduated in…show more content…
These illustrations were set out in a format similar to a comic strip meaning that a lot of the images he drew were quite similar and would have been very repetitive. Tan stated that for each of the two thousand illustrations accumulated the same time to produce as a canvas-sized image would. However when Tan is creating a collage, he will create graphite sketches, which may then be reproduced numerous times with different versions varying with parts added or removed, but usually this process is done with scissors and glue. Although Tan is allowed a large amount of his own interpretation to reflect in his drawings, he still must have a very close relationship with his client being the author. At the end of the day Tan still has to fit his interpretations inside of what the author actually wants or the design brief. The relationship must be strong to allow for a connection from the authors thought through to Tan’s illustrations, meaning Tan really has to understand and feel what the author is trying to tell through his story. Tan has always been known as a very good user of the graphite pencil. This is something he has been practicing since he was a young child and is now very talented. Tan is able to capture in his pencil drawings such a large amount of depth and tonal range. Despite the fact Tan dislikes drawing realistic figures, he proved in his novel, The Arrival that he is quite talented in producing realistic
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