Shaving and Facial Hair Essay

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Being in the army, means you are part of a team. Being part of a team means you have to rely on other people, and other people have to rely on you. If you aren't being a team player then you can let the team and your battle buddies down. By not shaving, you are letting your battle buddies and team down. The army is based on uniformity and cleanliness. When you don't shave you begin to expire that idea. Shaving in early armies as a preventative measure. They shaved the hair to prevent the spread and outbreak of lice. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "Many military organizations also require males to maintain clean-shaven faces because facial hair can prevent an air-tight seal between the face and breathing or …show more content…
Some have been criticized as harassing bearded workers." it just isn't acceptable to let yourself go. According to an article from, men are spending more time worrying about grooming which is a push brought on by the media and current trends. "Apparently, men spend 83 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes." the article is about men and how more and more men are practicing a more concerned lifestyle of metrosexuality, in which they focus on their looks and physical representation more then the regular man. These behaviors are catching on and have become the new norm. It's quite normal for men to trim and or clean shave most if not all of their body, for the sake of looks and hygiene. Without all of the excess hair, you have a less susceptible spot for sweat to build up and bacteria to grow. I really like the way they phrased these changes in the article. "Simon Comins, of Superdrug, said: 'Once upon a time it was cool for men to appear rough and ready, looking like they hadn't spent more than a couple of minutes getting ready in the morning. "But these days, everyone appreciates a man who takes care of his appearance, smells nice and looks like he has made an effort.". As a secondary issue, I believe that the issue of male facial hair is highly based on looks. I don't find a man with facial hair to be

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