Shaw Shank Redemption

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A Critique of the Shaw shank Redemption
Evil spreads around the world. It makes people do bad things to each other so it creates dangerous environment. Therefore people makes place which is called prison to punish these bad people. The persons who live in prison are called inmates. Most of inmates who are dangerous and guilty spend many years in prison because of crimes they did in the past. In the USA, there are many prisons because it has hugs population. In this paper, it will be mentioned Shwshank prison which is in Ohio. The shawshank redemption provides an exciting movie on the life of inmates at the Shawshank prison. The movie draws the attention for audience. As a result, a critique of the movie titled the Shawshank redemption is critical in evaluating how the movie uses different features to explain the message. The film titled the shawshank redemption shows a number of aspects. There are three features which, analysis, evaluation, and defense, are used to review the film. Further, each of them talks about several criterions to evaluate the film’s features. These criterions include the utilization of religious imagery and language, representation of the prison, and how the movie follows the novel by Stephen King.
To make sure of analyses the film is completed by an evaluation of the main characters in the movie. Likely, the main characters Andy and Red practice several activities which makes them have good situation in the prison. In the first instance, Red was

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